Facts about the Czech Republic

- Women are dressed modestly. Practical clothing preferred and women do not wear high heels, which make impossible walking on Laid in downtown pavement.

- In Prague there are only three metro lines and the short distances between stations.

- The easiest way to get to your destination is by using public transport, it is on schedule and on time here.

- The famous cartoon about a mole was established in the Czech Republic. Here, by the way, you can buy souvenirs and toys in the form of the protagonist.

- The biggest castle in Europe is Prague Castle, which is located in Prague.

- On the outskirts of the small town of Kutna Hora is unusual church ossuary made of human bones. As the story goes, the land on which the church stands, was considered holy and everyone wanted to be buried in it. During the plague of the 14th century, peace in the land gained 30,000 people, and after every war and rebellion, this land was replenished with fresh graves. However, in the 18th century, the new owners decided to dig up the remains of land and calling them out as available materials for the construction of the church.

- Each year, on the fifth of December is celebrated the day of St. Nicholas (Nicholas).

- Quite popular is considered a gem "Bohemian garnet". According to legend, this stone has magical properties, and is the mascot for his master.

- The grammar of the Czech language is considered one of the toughest in the world.

- The pronunciation of Czech words might be hard to foreigners, as there is a number of words without the use of vowels.

- Crossing the road on a zebra, you can be rest assured: drivers certainly miss you. Of course, there are exceptions, but generally prefer to stay here for a few meters from the pedestrian.

- Loudly blow your nose in public is considered absolutely normal.

- The Czechs are very fond of pets. Quite often you can find purebred dogs accompanied the elderly. Pets are practically on every corner.

- The largest number of smoking marijuana throughout Europe is in the Czech Republic.

- By the way, drugs are legalized (up to 15 grams of marijuana, up to four tablets of ecstasy, two grams of amphetamine and a half grams of heroin, one gram of cocaine).

- Of course, Czech beer is considered one of the most delicious. Czech breweries have great success and high reputation in the world.

Facts about the Czech Republic

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To travel around the country should buy a "vignette" - sticker on the windshield of the car,confirming that you have paid the right to drive paid Czech roads.

In Prague famous writer Franz Kafka was born and that is why his image is used on a pile of gifts.

In the outdoor cafes on the tables they put pretzels with beer. When paying for the beerpretzels number is checked and if you have something to eat, it is included in your account.

Chinese fast foods serve large portions that are hard to eat for one not very hungry person.

- There are not much smokers, as it is expensive in Europe.

In the Czech Republic is popular mineral water «Mattoni», which, in contrast to the usual,has a sweet taste.

- During currency exchange look carefully at the charges as fee sometimes could be very impressive.

It is necessary to recalculate the amount immediately after the exchange, you could be easily given less money.

Czechs are friendly nation. For example, retail sellers always say "good day» (Dobry den). Read also: Why Ukrainian brides have popularity in the world?