Czechs and intimacy. Revolution or promiscuity. Tourism in Prague

Czechs usually openly look at close relations with other people, especially youth where it seems are less taboos and no moral principles. This world is definitely changing dramatically and not for the best. Material evaluates higher than spiritual and when it is going about money there often are no limits. Every third man in the Czech Republic at least once had sex in the workplace. Almost 30% of Czech women also had intimacy in the workplace. Among the EU countries, Czechs spend the most time at work and therefore they have much less time to spend at home with their spouses. Having similar interests, working in one sphere and going to common business trips makes people closer and not only mentally, but physically as well. That is how Czechs justify themselves. But there are many other countries where people work even more, so this could not be the reason. I guess this happens because of low level of morality and lack of spiritual upbringing.

Czech Republic is versatile country with lots of things that can surprise. Not only lovers of ancient history and culture come here, but also life-burners who prefer to have fun in clubs and pay local ladies for a night of love. How much such services cost in the Czech Republic? Where to find Czech girls in short skirts and open neckline and how not to be mistaken?

It is interesting that there are dozens of scientific works on the topic of Czech sex. The whole meaning of these works boils down to only one meaning: Czech sex is one of the most cynical in the world and besides is completely devoid of sacredness. In this country sex is treated as a simple human need, the same as food, sleep and rest. Therefore, tenderness and weasel are just as popular commodity as oil or gas and prostitution here is quite ordinary business which is treated quite calmly.

In intimate matters Czech women are much more active than men. In this country there is a phenomenon of sexual hospitality that is quite unusual for Europe. The meaning of this phenomenon is that the Czechs with great pleasure offer their guests their girlfriends, lovers and even wives. And they do not see anything unnatural in this. According to them, all these love claims are absolutely uninteresting for them, so they see no reason to interfere their women having fun with other men.

Czechs and intimacy. Revolution or promiscuity. Tourism in Prague

As for prostitution, here it is the most profitable sphere of illegal economy. As the statistics show in total there are about 6,300 priestesses of love in the Czech Republic and most of them are foreigners. Each girl during the day can earn about 80 dollars. Despite the very high tolerance in the country there are still occasional discussions about the advisability of legalizing this type of activity.

Picking up girls on the streets is not only dangerous because of having diseases and not because most often you will find there not Czech girls but Romanian, Albanian, Gypsy and also often if you follow such a girl there is high risk you are going to be robbed. If you visit special clubs there you will find mostly educated and well mannered Czech girls working there, who great you smiling and enthusiastic. Services in such clubs are more expensive, but the girls are better there and the prices are higher.

I am not going to judge why Czech culture could be considered as probably having the highest level of promiscuity among Central-Eastern Europe. The fact that all the things we wrote here are present in today’s Czech culture, but Chechia is known not only by women and intimate services. There are many interesting historical places, interesting architecture, resorts, beautiful nature and interesting attractions. Everyone picks what he came for and according to his own level of cultural development.

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