Czech girls: appearance and features of national character

Propose you to identify the most distinctive features of Czech women, conspicuous almost all at once. Let’s start with the appearance. How Czech women look like?

Czech women are representatives of typical Western Slavs. Sort of a mixture of German and Slavic in their faces, I would say. That is a combination of atypical German “extend” and the right and comely Slavic features. Czech women very often have a fairlylong noses, sometimes with a small hump. As a rule, Czech women are thin and do not suffer of overweight. Hair Color is mostly light brown, like most Slavs have. Sometimes there and burning brunette (a mixture of Roma has an effect), much less chance is to meet natural blondes. Hair of Czech girls is light and thin enough.

Czech women are not particularly big fans of makeup and use of “feminine” outfits. They practically do not wear heels, skirts and use very little make-up or do not use it at all. Not made to wear fur and fur coats, it is considered vulgar and even somehow wildly, especially for young women. Throughout the Czech women prefer naturalness and convenience. The most common clothes is jeans, short jackets, shoes or sneakers, backpacks. Czech women like to emphasize individuality and femininity with the help of various accessories: scarves, glasses, bracelets and other jewelry, as opposed to the Russian-speaking girls who usually emphasize individuality with bright makeup and high heels. Czech women like perfumes and often unusual smells of perfume and deodorants could be defined even in public trams. Heels are not accepted to go in daily life because of the many bridges in Prague. And also it is just common to think that heels are harmful to health. This style is reflected in the numerous clothing stores of Czech Republic.

Czech women, living in villages, generally dress more than practical. Rarely in the Czech small towns and villages woman with make-up could be seen. I will highlight some of the most typical hairstyle of Czech girls for every day, it is the so-called “ragged beam”. Such beams are popular among the Germans. The more raunchy and “ragged” such a beam is, the “cooler” its owner is.

Czech women prefer to dress in the most economical boutiques and shops. For me it was always interesting to learn that many Czech women with relatively high wages often choose to dress in nearest the Vietnamese market or store. In any case, expensive clothes and underwear is not a fetish. Here you will surprise nobody if you have jeans from Levi’s and coat from Max Mara or Gucci. On the contrary, everyone will think you’re crazy, just to spend such huge amounts of money on clothes. However Czech women are very inspired, when you tell them about discounts and sales in their favorite cheap boutiques H & M or Zara.

Czech women like to dye hair. Favorite colors are blonde and hot black. Rarely you could see Czech women with natural hair color. What about Czech ladies features of the national character?

Czech girls: appearance and features of national character

Czech women are quite open and liberated. They do not tend to affectations and often say what they think. They also behave quite open and unfettered with men. Almost all Czech girls and women work. In the Czech Republic generally is not accepted for women not to work. After maternity or even earlier, Czech girls are in a hurry to go back to work. Higher Education for the Czech girl is a rarity. Basically Czech women occupy administrative positions for which higher education is not required.

Czech girls are quite peculiar to the institution of marriage. In contrast to the Russian-speaking girls, marriage is not the main aim for them, but simply a welcome addition to their already comfortable life. Many Czech girls live without official marriage registration for more than 10 years, and it is considered absolutely normal in the Czech Republic and is called “the partner” relationship. Czech girls decide to marry in an extreme case, when the marriage is legally required or when children are born.

Czech women are quite liberated sexually. What I was particularly surprised by the presence of more than 5-8 lovers in the past was the norm for the average Czech woman in the age of 25-30 years. Czech women are athletic enough and most of them are interested in a healthy lifestyle, especially young girls. In the cities there are many vegetarians, many Czech women follow strict diet and regularly go to the gym, cycling in the summer and skiing in winter. Czech women love children and willing to give birth to more than 2 children. In the towns and villages of the Czech Republic there are plenty of clubs for mothers and children.

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